Design & Technology

Introduction to the Design & Technology department

At St George’s we are committed to offering creative design opportunities to our students across the two subject areas of Design and Technology and Food Preparation and Nutrition.  We endeavour to deliver a creative curriculum that allows students to be fully conscious and aware of the technological world that is ever evolving around them.  Students are offered the chance to research, analyse and then solve real problems in an innovative and inspiring atmosphere where success is possible for all.  Our project based curriculum offers the wide range of technical skills. 

Design and Technology at St George’s is a highly successful department in all key stage areas.  We promote students to be creative and imaginative in their work and to turn ideas into reality by working to a brief.  Each tem we reward four students- two students from each key stage, with a personalised DT star trophy and design book. This reward represents there outstanding classwork, homework or practical outcome.

The following specifications/projects are taught in the Design & Technology department:

Year 7 DT Food
CAD/CAM Key Tag Metal - Pewter Casting Wooden - Maze Game Basic - Food Skills & Nutrition
Year 8 DT Food
Technical Drawing Skills - Wooden Mechanical Toy - Electronics LED Torch - Healthy Eating
KS4 AQA Design & Technology - AQA Food Preparation & Nutrition
KS5 AQA Product Design (3D Design)