Welcome to History at St. George’s!

Striving for success, our department is innovative and collaborative in its planning and delivery of engaging and rigorous schemes of work. We are all about helping students to develop their cultural capital, key skills and the adoption of British Values including: democracy, tolerance, respect and the rule of law. Our schemes of work enable students to develop a chronology of world History from the medieval empire of Mali to the Equality Act of 2010. Through the course of their study students will look at a range of primary sources and will begin to analyse the views of historians working at top universities around the world.

Students of History at St George’s can expect to develop key transferable skills over the course of their study including:

· Interpretation

· Argument and debate

· Literacy

· Communication

· Organisation and time management

· Problem-solving

· The application of knowledge

· Analysis

· Evaluation

· Independence

· The ability to conduct detailed research

History can be studied at all key stages and our students achieve some of the highest grades nationwide. Our GCSE Progress 8 Score for 2018 was +0.9 demonstrating that students achieve nearly an entire grade more with us than at other schools in the country. We do this through imparting our passion for the subject in lessons, going the extra mile for our students and through our sky-high expectations for all.

Ms V Hadden – Head of Department

Ms A Earthrowl, Ms H Averill, Mr J Mackay and Mr J Buckley