KS4 History

In year 8 students have the opportunity to pick History at GCSE after the Easter holidays. History is a highly-regarded subject by both employers and universities and it has a large take-up at St George’s. The department have achieved strong results at GCSE with a Progress 8 Score of +0.9 in June 2018. This means that in the History department every student on average over performs by 1 whole level. Many students achieve A and A* grades. This success comes from hard work from both the students and staff. There are after-school, Saturday and holiday revision, sessions which are compulsory for students to attend.

There are 3 papers which form the GCSE which is awarded by Edexcel:

1. Crime and punishment in Britain c1000 to present and Whitechapel, c1870-1900: crime policing and the inner city (1 hour 15 minutes)

2. Superpower relations and the Cold War, 1941-91 and Anglo Saxon and Norman England 1060-1088 ( 1 hour 45 minutes)

3. Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918-1939 (1 hour 20 minutes)


Students take all exams at the end of year 11. They have one attempt at this exam and there are three papers we complete. In order to ensure that students feel prepared for this exam the following assessments are also completed:

1. A mid topic assessment every 3 weeks

2. A full assessment every 3 weeks. These are the half termly assessment points which are sent home

3. Mock exams at the end of Year 10

4. November, January and March mock exams for Year 11


Homework is set in every Key Stage 4 History lesson. It is expected to be completed for the following lessons. It is designed to extend and consolidate learning.

Useful links and Revision Guides

GCSE History AQA B: Modern World History Revision Guide

The textbooks we use are produced by Pearson.

Anglo Saxon and Norman England Revision Guide
Cold War Revision Guide
Crime and Punishment Revision Guide
Germany Revision Guide
Whitechapel Revision Guide