KS5 History

A level History at St George’s offers a vigorous and academic syllabus to prepare students for university study. Students must achieve a level 6 at GCSE History as well as a 6 in English in order to take this subject onto A-level. Students who take History at A level have a strong record of going onto study History at the best universities in the country. This course really prepares them for the academic vigour of Higher Education.

At A-Level the History department expects the highest possible standard from our students. These high expectations have led to outstanding results since the introduction of the new A-Level specification in 2016. Last year’s A-Level cohort achieved 100% pass grades. This

success comes from hard work from both the students and staff. There are after-school, Saturday and holiday revision sessions which are compulsory for students to attend.


Students take all exams at the end of year 12 and 13. They have one attempt at this exam and there are two papers. The first is Unit 1 which covers the topic of the British Empire and the second is Unit 2 titled ‘the American Dream’ which covers American History from 1945-1980.

In year 13 students will also complete coursework which is currently on the causes of the French Revolution. This coursework is worth 20% of their overall grade and requires students to write a 3,500-4,000 word long essay including the views of historians and primary sources.

Homework and Revision Guides

Homework is set in every Key Stage 5 History lesson. It is expected to be completed for the following lessons. It is designed to extend and consolidate learning.

A Level Revision Guide America
A Level Revision Guide British Empire
AS Revision Guide America
AS Revision Guide British Empire