KS3/4 Mathematics

GCSE Mathematics is perhaps the most important qualification that your child will receive. It not only gives pupils the knowledge to deal with practical problems in the real world, it is also an important subject when applying for Further Education and employment.

In Years 7-11 we place a real emphasis on teaching mathematics from a first principle basis, we want your child to question why we are doing what we do, to really understand the mathematics and in turn gain a much deeper understanding and knowledge of the mathematics.

The curriculum for Key Stages 3 and 4 offers all things algebra, number skills, geometry, statistics, ratio, proportion and rates of change.

Here in our department we value the importance of assessment. End of unit assessments (approximately every two weeks) will be given by class teachers after each topic has been completed. For these assessments pupils will receive a percentage only.

End of term assessments will be completed at the end of each half term. The level of assessment will be dependent on pupil ability. These assessments are vital in seeing the progress your child is making through-out the academic year.