Students of Spanish or French/Spanish have two lessons (1 hour each) per week. The department follows the National Curriculum for MFL putting special attention to improving students’ general language skills and developing their enthusiasm to get to know other cultures.

By the end of year 8 our students can understand, express and develop their ideas in a number of topic areas such as: personal information and local area, home, school, holidays, French/Spanish and Spanish Speaking countries, the workplace, shopping and free time/leisure….


The department provides multiple opportunities for students to gain first-hand knowledge of Spanish and French culture through the continuous help of native language assistants, special occasion activities (Christmas picnics in lesson) and the French/Spanish clubs that take place every Wednesday after school where students develop their language skills through songs and games with native speakers. We also run a French Day Trip for year 7 students in June.


Apart from being given immediate feedback on their language use by our teachers and assistants. They are levelled every half term through end of unit tests on the four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.


Students are given their own vocabulary and grammar booklet at the beginning of the year for their own personal study. They have a workbook that corresponds to their textbook. We normally set the page that corresponds to the textbook page we are doing in lesson once a week, usually the first lesson. We set a learning task on the second lesson, we see the students. Every three weeks we also need to have set at least one writing task. 

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