Our Staff

Mr M Tissot - CEO of the Trust
Mr J Martin - Deputy CEO of the Trust
Mr C Gregory - Head of School
Ms L Ling - Acting Deputy Head
Mr L Patrick - Acting Deputy Head
Mr J Buckley - Assistant Head / Head of Teaching & Learning
Ms T Frost - Assistant Head / Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mr Bohan - Acting Assistant Head
Mr Morgan - Acting Assistant Head


Ms C Savage - Year 7
Ms E Price - Year 8
Ms L O'Sullivan - Year 9
Ms E Price - Year 10
Ms K Mulligan- Year 11
Ms L Ling - Sixth Form

Ms I Goursaud (SENCO)
Ms C Gomez (Deputy SENCO)
Ms K Foster
Ms C Lee
Ms M Milanowska
Ms C O'Donnell
Ms F Osman
Mr P White