St George’s Curriculum Intent

At St George’s we aim to provide a curriculum which is rooted in our local community and delivers an excellent academic and enriching education within a framework of Gospel values.

 With Christ at the centre we aim to foster an academic culture providing for each child to reach her or his potential whatever their starting point. Valuing each person, we aspire to give the best context for young people to develop their friendships and develop their understanding of the world around them and their place within it.

Catholicity and Spiritual education

As a Catholic school it is important that 100% of pupils take RE throughout their time at school. 10% of our curriculum is devoted to RE, with all pupils taking RE GCSE. Our Sixth form students follow a programme of Core RE. This is supported through opportunities for collective worship and a strong programme of Charity work.

Key Stage Three

By the end of KS3 we expect our pupils to build on knowledge from KS2 in order to develop a deeper understanding of a broad range of subjects. No matter their starting point all pupils should leave KS3 with the skills and knowledge they need in order to be educated citizens and to be prepared for the opportunities and experiences offered to them later in life.

We aim to give pupils a deep understanding of the key concepts needed to progress in life. We have carefully designed and sequenced our curriculum, to ensure that concepts and skills are built upon and revisited.Throughout our KS3 curriculum most time is devoted to English and Maths to ensure that pupils develop the vocabulary and mathematical fluency they need to access all areas of their education.  By the end of KS3 we aim to foster a love of reading-this is supported by a reading programme where pupils read independently for at least one hour per week. We build vocabulary from KS3-KS5 by ensuring that all pupils are given a “word of the day” which they hear and use in context. We believe that every child should have the opportunity to study a language, and pupils choose whether to study French or Spanish at KS3. Pupils also study computer science at KS3 in order to prepare them for the opportunities offered in future. 

We have ambitious expectations for all pupils and those with SEN and EAL needs have access to the full range of subjects. Higher pupils are encouraged to build their independence through challenge homework set across the curriculum. All pupils are given the skills needed to become effective learners and we aim for concepts taught to become embedded in long-term memory. Pupils are encouraged to be reflective and are regularly given opportunities to review their progress.

We aim for all our pupils to leave KS3 with an appreciation of creativity and achievement in society. Therefore all pupils study art, drama, DT and music for one hour per week. Our curriculum is supported by a full programme of extra-curricular activities and trips as detailed below.

We recognise the impact of the pandemic on pupils’ education and therefore have provided Catch Up lessons to those identified in need of support.


Key Stage Four

By the end of KS4 we expect all of our pupils to be healthy educated citizens equipped for adult life and to take their place in society. All pupils study English, Maths and Science and we expect 75% of pupils to study EBacc subjects- Humanities and French or Spanish.

We are an inclusive school and ensure that every pupil has access to study for 10 GCSEs, we do not reduce the curriculum for anyone. Higher pupils are also given opportunity to take the Higher Project Qualification, giving them vital study skills required at university.

Our KS4 curriculum is personalised and each pupil is given an interview with a member of SLT in order to choose a range of subjects that suits them. We offer BTEC subjects for those pupils who benefit more from this model of study.

We achieve well above average results for all pupils at GCSE level, including higher pupils and those with SEN.



Throughout their journey through St George’s we recognise the need to develop the whole child, developing their moral, mental and physical education. We order have a comprehensive PSHE curriculum covering relationships and sex education throughout each Key Stage, British values and health education. This is supported by external visitors and assemblies, giving pupils an understanding of how to develop healthy, age-appropriate relationships. We equip pupils with the knowledge they need to stay safe both online and offline.



To ensure pupils develop into confident and resilient citizens our curriculum is supported by a rich programme of extra-curricular activities and education visits. Pupils can take part in “Debate Mate” to learn key British values, they can take part in our school production showcasing music and drama talents. Pupils can appreciate the range of cultural influences which have shaped their lives- For example during Black History Month we run local walking tours to study black history in the local area. We regularly take advantage of our location in central London to allow pupils to visit Parliament, the National Portrait Gallery and many other significant locations.

To build confidence and widen pupil experience we run the Duke of Edinburgh programme at KS4 and KS5 and pupils have the chance to join Army Cadets. Targeted pupils take part in the Diana Award, linking them with local industry and we also run trips to universities to raise aspirations.

Quality Control

The whole curriculum is monitored by the Curriculum Governing Body.

  • Curriculum review is carried out by the: SLT
  • Curriculum Teams/Teaching and Learning group

and through:

  • Working Parties with a specific focus – e.g. Learning Communities
  • Listening to the student voice with questionnaires or interviews
  • The Sixth Form curriculum is monitored and evaluated by the Senior Leadership Team with responsibility for the Sixth Form


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By the end of KS5 our pupils should be well educated, active citizens, ready to move onto the next steps in their adult life.

We pride ourselves on the inclusive nature of our Sixth Form- we offer an extremely successful academic programme, and a vocational route where pupils can study BTEC Level three courses. It is also possible to study a combination of both pathways.

We offer pupils an excellent academic education. Pupils gain an in-depth understanding of subjects as well as study skills required to go onto university. Every pupil studying three A Levels takes the EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) which allows them to gain the independent study skills required at university. The curriculum is bolstered by the “Access project” which supports pupils to gain entry into top universities. We have dedicated support for those wishing to apply to Oxbridge which runs throughout Year 12 and 13. We have high expectations for our pupils and the vast majority of our pupils go onto university. 25% of our pupils attend top Redbrick Universities and we are proud of our dedicated, personalised support for every UCAS application.

At the same time we offer a vocational programme of study- pupils can choose a range of BTEC Level three courses. We also offer GCSE English and Maths to reinforce pupils’ understanding of these vital subjects. Most pupils taking BTEC Level three courses go onto university, however we also offer one-to-one apprenticeship mentoring.

It is important that pupils leave the Sixth Form not only with an Outstanding education to prepare them for the next stage of life, but also the skills and confidence they need to understand the world around them, and their place within it. Our academic programme is supported with careers guidance. All pupils undertake work experience in Year 12, and have the opportunity to attend careers fairs.

We also have a huge range of opportunities for students to develop their confidence and resilience. We offer a range of trips from skiing in France to a cultural trip to Beijing. We strongly encourage pupils to take part in the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Programme. Sixth Form students are encouraged to play an active role in our local and school community and our volunteering programme is a real strength of our Sixth Form.


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