The PSHE curriculum considers a range of topics, under three categories; ‘Health and Wellbeing’, ‘Living In The Wider World’ and ‘Relationships’.

The topics covered within the curriculum incorporate societal issues, highlighting the importance of British Values and Citizenship. The intention of the PSHE curriculum is to provide students with the knowledge to have self-reflection in order to manage their emotions and be resilient in an ever-changing world. Students understand how to maintain good, honourable values, be inclusive of everyone and know how to stay safe. By exploring a variety of risk factors, students have a greater understanding of the consequences for their actions. 

The curriculum for Relationships Education, Sex Education, and Health Education aims to support parents in educating their children about relationships, sex, and sexuality.   

Relationship and sex education (RSE) focuses on exploring the emotional, social and physical aspects of growing up, having friendships and relationships, engaging in sex, and learning about human sexuality and sexual health.  Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) is taught in the context of clear values, including the value of family life, marriage, and of loving, stable relationships. The curriculum teaches young people to develop their values, attitudes, personal and social skills, and helps them to increase their knowledge so that they are empowered to make safe, healthy and informed decisions and life choices. Additionally, tolerance, equality and respect is a central feature of the curriculum at St. George's Catholic School.