All A-Level Students in Year 12 are expected to complete a Level 3 Extended Project Qualification (Edexcel)

The EPQ is a coursework subject where students are invited to design their independent essay question that they then complete. They do their own research, craft their own argument and then evaluate the process. The average length is 6,000 words.

Students have 2 timetabled lessons a week and will complete the EPQ step by step throughout the year. EPQs are submitted just before the Easter holidays each year and then submitted for moderation.

We have found the EPQ grade has been a real asset for students in Year 13 when applying to universities. Many universities reduce their offers and it gives student a great example of academic independence in their UCAS statements.

Our results are excellent, with 100% A*-B in 2019 (last normal assessments)

Some interesting titles from recent years:

Evaluate if Football is no longer a working-class sport in England

At what point in history can Portugal be considered an independent nation?

What was the most significant impact of Thatcherism?

Is it ethical for doctors to support euthanasia?