In our tumultuous era, Political literacy has become even more important. We recognise this importance at St George’s. The intent of our Politics curriculum is to provide all students with the understanding to comprehend our quickly changing country and world.

Our curriculum looks at British politics, US politics and the key political ideologies. Meaning our students will have a sound knowledge of western politics as well as the theories underpinning it. Our students will understand the nature of the political systems, how they have developed and be able to judge the health of them in the 21st century. Our curriculum is ever changing, with lessons being updated every year to take account of developments. Our students will develop their own political opinions and be able to form conclusions on current events.

KS5: 5 hrs per week

We follow the Edexcel A-Level syllabus. Unit 1 looks at UK Politics- Democracy/Representation, Political Parties, Electoral Systems and Voting Behaviour. This is studied in the Autumn Term of Year 12. Unit 2 is studied in the Spring term and entails: The Constitution, Parliament, the Executive and Supreme Court. In the Summer Term of Year 12, the core Political ideologies are studied: Liberalism, Conservatism and Socialism.

In Year 13 we study the optional ideology of Feminism in the first half term, and then study the Optional Unit 3 US Politics. Unit 3 entails The US Constitution, Congress, the Presidency, the Supreme Court and Democracy/Representation.

Essays are given every two weeks, and all topics end with a cumulative quiz (that is then repeated through the year).