Overview of Careers Education at St George's

Drawing on the Gatsby Benchmarks, the aims of the St George’s Careers programme is to provide:

  1. A cohesive and cross-curricular careers programme that works towards meeting all 8 Gatsby Benchmarks by 2020. 
  2. A series of events during Careers week in March 2019 as well as an 8th of the Month programme which will raise the profile of careers education across the school.
  3. To give pupils the opportunity to meet a range of different employers by holding a weekly Careers club called Future Finders during lunch times.
  4. To educate pupils on the use of up to date labour market information. 
  5. A plan for the reintroduction of work experience in Year 10 
  6. Opportunities for pupils in every year group to have encounters with personnel from further and higher education.
  7. Personal guidance from a qualified, independent and impartial careers advisor for students in KS4 and KS5.
  8. A programme which is evaluated every year taking into account the views of staff, key stakeholders, parents and students.

We aspire to present information to our pupils in an objective and impartial manner, highlighting the full-range of education and training options including apprenticeships and technical education routes.  

We measure the impact on Compass+ where it produces a report compared to the Gatsby Benchmarks.

Providers wishing to present at the school should contact Ms H Averill-Hampshire for discussion. Telephone 0207 328 0904 or email on


The next review is in September 2022