Year 13 - Grades Information

Year 13- What is the process for deciding my exam results?

  • There will be no A Level or GCSE exams for Year 13 this year. Grades will be based on teacher assessment, where teachers predict which grade students would have achieved if they sat the exams. This will be based on all work so far, coursework, mock results and AS grades
  • Teachers need to 'rank' everyone in their class to say who would have achieved the highest to lowest grades. However, the ability of others won’t affect individual grades
  • Teachers submit the results to the exam boards 
  • The exam boards will moderate results based on national data, the historical results for our school and the historical results for your subject
  • The exam boards have the final say on results and it is illegal for teachers to share what they have predicted
  • Results will be released on the 13th August (provisional date) and will count the same as every other year
  • If you disagree with your result it is likely that you will have the chance to take the exam in the Autumn term – please keep up to date with information from the Government regarding this as it is still being finalised
  • For BTEC subjects the situation hasn’t been confirmed as yet. It is likely BTEC will ask for teacher assessed grades. This will be based on coursework and exams.   
  • If you have taken the exam for BTEC your result will count towards your final grade unless your teacher has put you down to re-sit this. If you have been put on the re-sit list your exam won't actually happen but your result will be based on teacher assessment based on evidence.
  • For GCSE Maths and English you will be given a teacher assessed grade based on your previous results in exams and mocks, and work completed in class

 What do you need to do now?

Consider your University Options but don't make any final decisions until UCAS give more updates. They should email you with any new information. The deadline for final choices has been extended to 19th May 2020 see the university information sheet below.

  • Apply for student finance see the student finance sheet below.
  • If you are not going to university you need to get a course or apprenticeship set up for September. This website has useful links:
  • You need to complete work for the subject which you have chosen to study at university – transition work will be emailed later in the term
  • Try not to worry! Everyone in the country is in the same situation and universities are likely to be flexible. The government have said that exam results will look the same as any other year
  • Keep to a regular routine, try to prepare for September as best as possible and make sure you are exercising regularly
  • Email your teachers or Ms Ling if you have any further questions


University admission fact sheet for website
Student finance factsheet for website