Written by: Marina Funcasta

I like flowers – how about you?

I believe flowers to be one of the most unambiguously tranquil and inherently beautiful creations in this universe. Their colours that melt down the petals as gently as a brush stroke; their redolent recital of dispersing buds would thrill billions of noses; the unfurling growth of its opulent stem towers over the ground, dominating, determined… doomed. Flowers are one of nature’s most glorious victories.

It’s also one of their most glorious victims of time.

We take flowers for granted. We take people for granted. In fact, we take the Sun, Earth, Moon, Sea, Fire for granted. All these fascinating yet furtive -in some sense- elements have the power to design or decay, but unfortunately, they’re being replaced by malicious and mechanical machines.

Whilst these machines may be advantageous because they have the power to treat, diagnose or detect possible epidemics, or even cure countries of heavy economic hardships, in reality we can all see the damage they are infiltrating our world with. This may be gradual, but we already have 100 million factories populating the world – yes, that is the same as every human being living in the Philippines right now having their own privatised factory: I don’t even want to start thinking about the pollution that they must be emitting…

But we have to. Because if not, clearly no one else will. I mean, you would expect the President of the United States to at least acknowledge there being a problem in regards to climate change, but not only does he refuse to sign the Paris Climate Change Agreement, but he also strongly believes that global warming is a by-product of the heat being dissipated by our bodies. In other words, the world isn’t overheating, we are. Great logic. This is why he is the President of one of the most crucial Superpowers in the world.

Notwithstanding my obvious indignation, don’t confuse my passion for hatred. Next time you see an ignorant person (like Trump) the only thing we have left, to save the dignity of the human race, is to pity them. Pity their discourage for the future, their careless forgetting of dreams, their miscellaneous mis-imaginings for the present.

So give them a flower; a white daisy. Tell them that this white daisy is a commemoration of nature, a symbol of resistance. Offer them your help, your guidance, your manifestations for a better and more natural world. Because I have faith that one day, that daisy will blossom into a field of beautiful minds.