Year 11 - Grades Information

Dear all,

I can hardly believe that tomorrow marks 5 weeks since schools were forced to shut their doors and that is has been even longer since we were last all together. It is safe to say that you are all still very much missed by myself, Miss Greensmith and the Year 11 team. We have been keeping you and your families in our thoughts and prayers and we hope that you are safe and well during this challenging time. Despite its difficulties I hope you have been following the Government’s guidelines by adhering to lockdown protocol and that you have been managing to look after your health by exercising and keeping positive.

As you may have read already, the government have recently updated schools on how exam grades are to be decided this year and I wanted to make sure you are all clear on the situation.

In summary:

  • There will be no GCSE exams for you this year. Grades will be based on teacher assessment, where teachers realistically predict which grade you would have achieved if you had sat the exams. This will be based on all your work so far, coursework, mock and class assessment grades.
  • Teachers need to 'rank' everyone in their subject to say who would have achieved the highest to lowest grades across the cohort. However, the ability of others in your year shouldn't affect you.
  • Teachers then submit the results to the exam boards (e.g. AQA and Edexcel)
  • The exam boards will moderate results based on things like national data, the historical results for our school and the historical results of your subjects.
  • The exam boards have the final say on results and it is illegal for teachers to tell you what they have predicted for you.
  • Results will be released on the 20th August and will count the same as every other year.
  • According to the latest news if you disagree with your result you will have the opportunity to retake most exams in the Autumn term. Please keep checking the government website for more information on this as it is released.  
  • For BTEC courses, we are still awaiting further clarification but currently we are expecting them to follow the same process as above taking into consideration your coursework, exam grades and other evidence. Please ensure any outstanding coursework has been sent to your teacher.

Moving Forward

  • We understand that this is a difficult time but please know that myself and all your teachers are still here available and willing to support you. The enrolment day for sixth form will provisionally take place on results day, Thursday 20th August 2020. This is obviously subject to government restrictions at the time and we will ensure that further details and information regarding this are sent to you nearer the date. 
  • As has been said on many occasions by numerous members of staff, we are very proud of the progress you have made over the last five years and you are all truly valued members of our St. George’s community. We really want the best for your futures and would love to welcome as many of you back as possible to our Sixth Form in September. 
  • In light of this, your teachers are busy creating transition packs of work for you to get started with in preparation for your A-Level and BTEC qualifications next year. This work will be an invaluable tool of support for you and will really help to bridge the gap so you are well equipped for what sixth form will bring. In addition, Mr Mackay will be sending out information and work booklets regarding the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) so you can get a head start with this too, please remember that this needs to be another key area of your focus during this time.  These will be sent to your school emails next half term.
  • If there is any one yet to have has a sixth form interview, please contact me or Ms Ling as we will be doing the last few of these over the telephone in the next couple weeks.
  • In terms of options, please do not worry, you will have the opportunity to alter them based on your results during enrolment. If you have any questions regarding a specific course or subject please contact the Head of Department, or me if you are unsure who it is, and we will be able to assist you.

Remember every Year 11 in the whole country is in the same position as you so you are not alone. The government has said that your exam results will look the same as any other year and you will not be at a disadvantage.  Keep positive, the key to success during the next phase of your education will be by keeping a regular routine, preparing for September as best as possible and making sure you are exercising regularly. As I have said you can email me or any of your teachers if you need support with anything. You can email and ask me to call you if you would prefer to talk to someone over the phone.

Finally, it has been an absolute pleasure being your Head of Year, I am incredibly proud of how far you all have come. I hope to see you returning to school in September for sixth form and look forward to watching you all flourish further over the next two years under the capable hands of Ms Ling.  

Please stay safe and take care of yourselves, 

Miss Mulligan