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St. George's Catholic School


Overview of Careers at St George's

Drawing on the Gatsby Benchmarks, the aims of the St George’s Careers programme is to provide:

  1. A cohesive and cross-curricular careers programme that works towards meeting all 8 Gatsby Benchmarks.
  2. A series of events across the school that which will raise the profile of careers education across the school.
  3. Pupils with access and information about a wide range of training providers and future options, as well as a range of careers.
  4. To educate pupils on the use of up to date labour market information. 
  5. A plan for the reintroduction of work experience in Year 10 in 2022/23
  6. Personal guidance from a qualified, independent and impartial careers advisor for students in KS4 and KS5, as well as targeted support for disadvantaged, SEN and EHCP students.
  7. A programme which is evaluated every year taking into account the views of staff, key stakeholders, parents and students.

Please click HERE for the destinations of our students (higher education, apprenticeships, work or other).  

We aspire to present all information and guidance impartially and highlight the full range of educational and training options available, including apprenticeships and technical routes ('Baker Clause').  

We measure the impact of our careers provision termly on Compass+ that compares provision to the Gatsby Benchmarks. 

Parent and Employer feedback is most welcome. Please click HERE to provide feedback.

Students and parents/guardians can find an extensive collection of tailored careers resources HERE including general career and sector information; work experience opportunities; apprenticeship and job vacancies; university information and schemes and super-curricular activities.

Parents and Employers who wish to get in touch can contact the school's careers lead Ms H Averill-Hampshire at h.averill-hampshire@stgeorgesrc.org or at 0207 328 0904. 

Application for Provider Access 2022

Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance CEIAG Strategy

Careers Framework

Values and vision

This framework is underpinned by our long-term vision and reflects our core values to lead those in our care to benefit from an enriching education.  It is part of the vision and mission of
St George’s Catholic School, to ensure that all pupils have a planned programme of activities helping them to discern suitable future pathways enabling and preparing them to enter society and make a positive difference.  We are particularly mindful of the needs of our more vulnerable students and those with SEND (Special Educational Needs & Disabilities) and are ambitious for all.

Statutory requirements and expectations

The Governors are committed to fulfilling their statutory duties in relation to Careers. This includes ensuring all students are provided with independent and impartial Careers guidance and are given information on a range of education and/or training options.  The school provides opportunities from a range of education and training providers. Information about the Careers programme, including the name of the Careers Leader, is published on the website and reviewed annually. The school is currently working towards meeting the Quality in Careers Standard and promotes the best interests of students.

Learner entitlement

Every student is entitled to high quality Careers education and guidance as part of their overall education. 

Students in Year 7 will explore their own personality and interests so that they have a direction to consider the kinds of Careers that will appeal. This will be delivered through:

  • Form-time PSHE and Future Finders videos (e.g. Goldman Sachs) provided to form tutors.
  • Encounters with employers
  • Opportunities for mentoring through DebateMate
  • LMI (Labour Market Information) referenced in curriculum provision (e.g. STEM in science week)
  • Careers Trip to Wembley Arena with the Transformation Trust (postponed due to Covid-19)

Students in Year 8 will have opportunities to match their skills, interests and values to requirements in learning and work. This will be delivered through:

  • Form-time PSHE and Future Finders videos (e.g. From Goldman Sachs) provided to form tutors.
  • Enterprise challenge – Diana Award
  • Encounters with employers
  • Opportunities for mentoring through DebateMate
  • LMI referenced in curriculum provision (e.g. STEM in science week)

Students in Year 9 will reflect on how they are changing as they consider their post-14 options. This will be delivered through:

  • GCSE Options guidance interviews
  • Form-time PSHE and Future Finders videos (e.g. from Goldman Sachs)
  • Opportunities for mentoring through DebateMate
  • Encounters with employers
  • LMI referenced in curriculum provision (e.g. STEM in science week)
  • Workshops with Employers e.g. UBS Classroom to Boardroom workshop, Deloitte workshop

Students in Year 10 will learn to develop employability qualities and skills. This will be delivered through:

  • Bi-Weekly Labour Market Information (LMI) emails
  • Work experience assemblies and workshop delivered by EBA
  • Work Experience encouraged and opportunities shared to all
  • Medical Work Experience for selected students
  • Form-time PSHE
  • LMI referenced in curriculum provision (e.g. STEM in science week)
  • National Grid Careers Talk
  • Workshops with Employers e.g. Boston Consulting Group Classroom to Boardroom workshop
  • Access Project: university and careers support

Students in Year 11 will be able to research and evaluate post-16 pathways and develop and make the most of Careers information, advice and guidance. This will be delivered through:

  • 1-to-1 guidance with Careers Adviser
  • Form-time PSHE
  • University and Apprenticeship Information Evening
  • LMI referenced in curriculum provision (e.g. STEM in science week)
  • Access Project: university and careers support
  • National Grid Careers Talk

Students in Year 12 will be able to research and evaluate progression pathways, the costs and benefits of higher and further education, training, apprenticeship, employment and volunteering options. This will be delivered through:

  • 1-1 Interview training provided by Accenture
  • 1-1 Careers advisor guidance
  • 1-1 Apprenticeship support and advice
  • Bi-Weekly Labour Market Information (LMI) emails
  • Careers and Apprenticeships Fair e.g. What Career Live and Skills London (online)
  • Work Experience
  • Assemblies on universities and other pathways
  • Oxbridge Target Group, including interview practice
  • Workshops, e.g. CV and Personal Statement writing, university admissions, UCAS
  • Access Project: university and careers support
  • University Trips e.g. Cambridge, Reading, Westminster (postponed)

Students in Year 13. This will be delivered through:

  • Bi-Weekly Labour Market Information (LMI) emails
  • 1-to-1 Personal Statement support
  • Apprenticeship workshops
  • 1-1 Careers advisor guidance
  • 1-1 Apprenticeship support and advice
  • Student finance assemblies
  • Results Day support
  • Access Project: university and careers support 

Management and delivery

We recognise the importance of putting in place effective arrangements for the management and delivery of the programme. To this end a Careers Leader is in post who will oversee the strategic vision and delivery of the Careers programme working closely with SENCO, Heads of Year, parents and external providers. The strategy will be reviewed annually by the Careers Leader and shared with the Senior Leadership Team.

Roles and responsibilities

The Governing Board are responsible for ensuring that the school carries out its duties with regards to delivering Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance to all pupils. This includes:

  • The appointment of a Careers leader.
  • The compliance with the Baker Clause.
  • The publishing of policy statements on the school’s website.
  • Commitment to the delivery of independent and impartial guidance.

The Senior Leadership Team are responsible for the implementation of the Careers programme, including:

  • Fulfilling statutory duties regarding Careers guidance.
  • Evaluating data on the quality and impact of the school’s Careers provision and using it to inform improvement.
  • Allocating sufficient resources to support the Careers provision and ensuring value for money.
  • Ensuring that there is adequate CPD provided for all staff to enable them to feel confident in delivering the Careers related aspects of their subject and that this is tracked and recorded.
  • Ensuring departments identify Careers learning and links.

The Careers Leader is responsible for providing overall leadership and direction for the Careers brief including:

  • Advising the Senior Leadership Team on policy, strategy and resources for the Careers programme, reporting on Careers to senior leaders and governors, reviewing and evaluating the Careers programme, preparing and implementing a Careers development plan.
  • Establishing and developing links with employers, FE colleges, apprenticeship providers and universities and managing links with external organisations.
  • Planning Careers education and supporting form tutors and staff with providing initial information and advice.
  • Liaising with form tutors, Heads of Years, SENCO and Head of Sixth Form to identify students needing guidance and monitoring access to and take up of Careers guidance.

The Careers Adviser is responsible for delivering personal and impartial Careers guidance to students and liaising with the Careers Leader and Heads of Year on any issues that need follow up.

Subject leaders are responsible for embedding Careers learning within their schemes of work.

All staff are responsible for the delivery of Careers learning as form tutors and subject teachers:

  • Ensuring Careers education is planned into their lessons.
  • Attending any relevant CPD or training to ensure they are up-to-date with the school’s Careers plan.
  • Promoting Careers guidance in the classroom through displays and visual aids.
  • Creating a learning environment that allows and encourages learners to tackle real-life challenges, manage risks and develop transferable skills that can be applied to the workplace.

Staff development

All staff are expected to contribute to the Careers learning and development of students in their different roles, support is given by the Careers Lead. 


Digital resources are maintained centrally on the school’s staff shared area for all staff to access under the Careers Section. 

Teaching, learning and assessment

We recognise the importance of basing our approach to teaching, learning and assessment on evidence of what works in Careers education and guidance. This is achieved through dialogic teaching in form-time, first-hand experience in the workplace and reflective learning. 

Information, advice and guidance

We will ensure that all students have access to independent and impartial Careers guidance at the end of Year 11 and an opportunity for meetings throughout Year 12 and Year 13, facilitating a reasoned choice between pathways. 

Monitoring, reviewing, evaluating and reporting

The Careers Leader is responsible for ensuring the Careers provision is monitored and evaluated through record-keeping, tracking and observation.  This will include:

  • Observation and evaluation of Careers learning.
  • Evaluation of progress made towards meeting the Gatsby Benchmarks.

The development of Careers learning is a priority in the school’s overarching management plan. 

Engagement of stakeholders and partners:


We recognise the important role that parents have in their child’s Careers understanding and development. To this aim, we endeavour to support parents to develop the confidence and capability to support their child’s planning and decision-making e.g. by hosting parent information events, by communicating through the school’s weekly newsletter, through sharing resources. 

Parents are also encouraged to contribute to the school’s Careers activities by participating in the Careers Fair, hosting work experience and delivering talks.

Employers, community partners and learning providers

The policy recognises the range of partners that support the Careers provision. These include:

  • Deloitte
  • Boston Consulting Group
  • UBS
  • DebateMate
  • London Enterprise Adviser Network
  • TF Careers Network
  • The Access Project
  • Into University
  • Insight
  • Oxford Brookes University
  • UCL (Realising Opportunities)
  • National Apprenticeship Service
  • Other Employers and training providers.


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