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St. George's Catholic School

Examination Regulations


In accordance exam regulations, all work submitted for qualification assessments must be the students’ own work.

If a teacher’s suspicions are confirmed and the students have not signed the declaration of authentication, the school will not need to report malpractice to the exam board. The matter can be resolved prior to any declaration signing.

However, if the declaration of authentication has been signed and AI misuse is “detected or suspected” by the school, the case must be reported to the relevant exam board.

If misuse is suspected by an exam board marker, or it has been reported, full details will usually be relayed to the school. The board will then consider the case and “if necessary” impose a sanction.

Where computer-generated content has been used (such as an AI Chatbot), a reference of the source must be included to show the name of the AI bot used and should show the date the content was generated. For example: ChatGPT 3.5 (https://openai.com/blog/chatgpt/), 25/01/2024. Students should retain a copy of the computer-generated content for reference and authentication purposes.

Click the link below to view more information on AI Use in Assessments.

JCQ - AI Use in Assessments Regulation