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Travel and Tourism

Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Travel and Tourism aims to support progression to further study with the purpose of supporting post 16 learners’ access to Higher Education within the Leisure, Travel and Tourism sector. This qualification gives students the opportunity to cover the travel and tourism sector and develop geographical and business knowledge and skills through the extensive mandatory and some selected optional units. The course consists of 4 units over the course of two years.

This course allows students to develop a range of skills that are valuable to employers and in a variety of situations. They will develop independence, time management, teamwork, problem solving, research, leadership, ICT, communication and presentation

Pearson BTEC (2019) Extended Certificate in Travel and Tourism which has 4 units which are spread across two years:

Year 12

Unit 1: (External examination) The world of travel and tourism.

In this unit you will examine the components of the travel and tourism industry, such as transport, accommodation and visitor attractions. You will also explore the influence various factors have on the appeal of destinations such as safety and security, political, natural hazards and economic factors.

Unit 3: (Coursework) Managing the customer experience. In this unit you will be given an opportunity to explore the benefits of managing the customer experience. You will learn about the challenges facing the travel and tourism industry in an increasingly multichannel environment where there are many options for customers and their loyalty is important. This unit provides excellent transferable skills that are very highly desirable in almost every work place

Year 13

Unit 2: (External examination) Global destinations.

In this unit you will research the features and appeal of global destinations and the factors influencing visitor choice, including potential advantages and disadvantages of travel routes and transport options.

Unit 9: (Coursework) Visitors attractions. In this unit students explore the scale and scope of a range of attractions from built to natural attractions. They will research influencing factors such as costing, products and services and how attractions can measure their success.


  • Ms T Coleman 

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If you wish to find out more about Travel and Tourism at St George’s please feel free to contact Ms Coleman at t.coleman@stgeorgesrc.org


The study of Travel and Tourism can lead to a number of exciting roles including cabin crew and holiday reps. The subject can also lead to a wide range of other careers in the areas of event management, hospitality management, wedding planning, travel agencies, public relations, travel journalism and tourism marketing.

This course will also provide routes to undergraduate courses at universities, such as: tourism management, event management, tourism and hospitality management, business management.