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St. George's Catholic School

Student Art Work - Saatchi Gallery

On the 1st November 2022, myself and the following people students took a trip to The Saatchi Gallery ,London to see our work being showcased at The Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea, London.

Elizabeth Tewolde(13D), Ciara Allen (10C), Carlota Vicente(8C), Charli Ann Padilla(13D), Ralph Jacob (13D), Trisha Mae Gandeza (10P), Nilah Suronku-Lindsay(10C), Nurya Duarte (10C), Joyce Silva (13D) Shekinah Balila, (8 ) Joyce Silva (13C)

This was the result from entering a competition earlier in the year where we were supposed to create an art piece with whatever medium we wanted from the 4 themes. Last year in 2021 The Westminster Creative Collective received 250 submissions themed around Covid-19 Lockdowns and Black Lives Matter but this year the themes were: love and unity, climate change, your future, and equality.

Six hundred works were selected out of the many submissions and were displayed throughout libraries in Westminster, ours were displayed in Paddington Library. Later in the year, the publics favourite 30 were selected and put on exhibition at the prestigious Saatchi Gallery - 11 of which were from St Georges RC School.

When I found out my art piece was selected along with others, I couldn't wait to see it on the gallery wall. On the day, we left at about 3:50pm after school and took the tube to The Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea. Together we left the station, super excited about this opportunity. Arriving, we took a few pictures in front of the really, grand building. We honestly couldn't wait any longer and took the staircase, chatting amidst our excitement all the way up and entered a hall where many people were gathered.

After what felt like a quick second, the talk began and we were given a certificate by the youth mayor of Westminster, who congratulated and left us all smiling with pride. I personally was feeling really awkward standing in front of everyone present there when I went up to receive my certificate, but that feeling quickly vanished when I returned back to my space, certificate with me.

After the speeches and everything was done, we were all thanked for coming and me and the others grabbed a bit of food and sat down, still waiting to see our art pieces which were in the other room. Finally, after finishing, we went to look at our art pieces.

The art in that room was beautiful and surprising and were done by the many young people with big voices. After taking pictures in front of our work, we started to explore the other rooms in the gallery and we were amazed at stunning artworks. The ideas they communicated really inspired me. The best part of the Gallery was how the artwork made us talk to each other about it, every time we liked or disliked something we would question the thought and soon it would turn into a discussion which really connected us.

For those interested in art, The Westminster Creative Collective will launch more competitions in the next years, so make sure you share your artwork because The Westminster Creative Collective is all about the voices of young people.


Written by Fedora Fernandez Year 10.