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St. George's Catholic School

 Exam Results & Destinations

Summer 2023

We are hugely proud of the achievements of all of our 6th formers.  They have all shown remarkable maturity, resilience and dedication to secure excellent results and move onto the next stage of their lives and careers.

We were very pleased to achieve an average grade of a B- in A Level and M in BTEC. 23% of A Level grades were A-A* and 88% were A*-C. 81% of all BTEC grades were D*-M.

Despite the increased grade boundaries this year, we are sending record numbers to top universities, some of whom are included below.  We also have a number going into exciting apprenticeships.  We wish them luck in all their future endeavours and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the 6th form teachers and tutor team for all their hard work in helping our year 13s taking these successful final steps.

Here are some of the highlights of our standout university offers:

Aiden Sanchez secured a place at LSE to study History with grades of A* A* A

Laura Cardoso secured a place at LSE to study Environmental Sciences and Sustainable Development with grades of AAA

Leah Alves secured a place at LSE to study Management with grades of AAB

Nimord Hagdu secured a place at Warwick to study Politics with grades of A*A*A

Danny Mulhall secured a place at Warwick to study Politics with grades of A*AB

Argelie Garcia secured a place to study Biomedical Sciences at King's College London with grades of A*A*A*

Louise Anderson secured a place to study Politics with Economics at Bath with grades of A*A*A

Efeson KIfle secured a place to study Economics at King's College London with grades of A*A*A

Anna Clara Ribeiro secured a place at UCL to study Economics and Business with East European Studies with grades of AABB

Layla Shakour secured a place at King's College London to study Geography with grades of AAAA


Reactions from some of our students

My time at St. Georges resembled a rollercoaster ride very much, at one point I was being told I had the option to re-do the year because my performance in a subject wasn't going as needed. Luckily, my teachers knew my potential and through much tears, teacher support and hard work I was able to turn it around completely and am now going onto study Economics and Business with Eastern Europe studies at UCL.
Anna Clara Ribeiro De Paul

I really enjoyed my time at St George’s Sixth Form. Throughout the two years, particularly in Year 13, we were given lots of support from teachers and staff. This made studying A-levels and the process of applying to university significantly easier and less stressful. Additionally, I got to participate in The Access Project Programme.

I was really appreciative of this opportunity as I was able to have my own tutor in one of my subjects. The resources and overall help and support I received, enabled me to succeed in my A-levels and go on to study at King’s College London.

As well as the excellent education, the school community was very friendly and welcoming. Overall, I am glad that I stayed on at St George’s after my GCSEs, to continue my education, as I don’t think I would have done as well anywhere else.
Layla Shakour

Whilst studying at St George’s sixth form I felt I had a great experience academically due to how helpful the teachers were and how dedicated they were to each student's success. I also felt that St George’s sixth form enabled me to become a much more independent student through its system of study and free periods, as it helped to empower my own control over how I would spend my free time and how I would pursue my interests.

The sixth form had a nice connected feeling to it, especially in the common room with its more relaxed and bustling atmosphere combined with the quiet and focussed study rooms. Overall, my sixth form experience was something that I will probably come to miss years ahead in the future

I will be studying Politics at the University of Warwick

Danny Mulhall

St George's Sixth form was a great well-rounded experience. I had lots of support from my teachers, and Mr Morgan alongside Miss Barnes were great heads of the sixth form, both of whom were always ready to give us guidance and advice at all times. Getting to take part in the Access Project really set me up for the best possible grades and university application. I will be off to LSE in September and loved St George’s, the school's community was great and I'm glad I stayed.

Laura Cardoso