Guide To Curriculum


We aim to provide a stimulating and enriched curriculum that meets with national curriculum requirements and that is compatible with developing the subjects and skills that are central to our specialist school status.  As a Catholic school, the study of Religious education takes up a significant amount of curriculum time and we aim to foster in all that we do a love of God and a strong moral and spiritual framework.   We are committed to harnessing new computer and other technologies to give our pupils an edge in their learning.    The school day is divided into five periods each one hour long – giving 25 periods in a school week. 

At Key Stage 3 (years 7 and 8) the week is broken down as follows:

2 periods of Religious Education

4 periods of Mathematics

4 periods of English

3 periods of Science

2 periods of Geography

2 periods of History

2 periods of Physical education

2 periods of either French or Spanish

1 period of Art

1 period of Design and Technology

1 period of Drama

1 period of Music

At Key Stage 4 (years 9, 10 and 11)

Pupils follow a core curriculum consisting of:

5 periods of Mathematics          

5 periods of English

4 periods of Science

3 periods of Religious Education

2 periods of Physical education

Pupils also have the option to study three guided choice subjects from;

History/Geography/Spanish/French/Media Studies/Drama/Sociology/Art/Food Technology/Graphic Products/Product design/Business Studies/ICT.

Each guided choice is allocated 2 hours per week.

At Key Stage 5 (years 12 and 13) 

Each students may choose 4 A’Level subjects to study from the following list;

History/Geography/Chemistry/Biology/Physics/Psychology/Ethics and Philosophy/Spanish/French/ Art/Business Studies/ICT/Economics/ English/Math/Further Math/Media Studies/Drama/Sociology/Music.

Each A’Level subject is allocated 4 hours per week.

Pupils also have the opportunity to study Level 3 BTEC in the following subjects;

Business Studies/ICT/Science and Art and Design.

Each BTEC level 3 subject is allocated 8 hours per week.

Key stage 5 pupils are also expected to attend 4 personnel study periods, 1 period of RE and 1 period of enrichment per week.